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Mr. Knightowl Presents - South Side Affilates

Mr. Knightowl Presents - South Side Affilates

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Product Code: MRG1

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Urban Kings Music Group Presents
Mr. Knightowl Presents
"South Side Affilates"

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Featuring Mr Shadow, Mr Lil One, Slush the Vill,G'Lo
and many more!

Once again Mr. KNightowl brings together an explosive album with much talent and mega producers its a win win. Featuring Mr. Lil One, Slush The Villain, G- Lo, and everybody favorites Mr Shadow along with many more. All past album released by Mr, Knightowl have had great soundscan and buzz. Mr. Knightowl is currently performing all over the states along with many other artist. Album is a guarantee seller nation wide due to his long extensive career. Mr. Knightowl has also hanged picked the top selling artist to be invovled for this ablum. You wont be disappointed when it comes to southside affiliates.
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1. 19 After 6
2. Bitch You Know My Name
Shadow (Featuring Dyablo)
3. Fucking With Ours
Lil One (Featuring. G-lo)
4. Nasty Bitches
Mr. Knightowl (Featuring Slush The Villian)
5. Big Rims
Slow Pain (Featuring Sniper)
6. I Wanna Fuck Me Some Hoes
Mr. Knightowl (Featuring Slush The Villian)
7. Waiting For You
Lil One (Featuring G-lo)
8. C’mon Let’s Fuck
Slush The Villian
9. We Ain’t Right
Lil One (Featuring G-lo)
10 .there He Goes
Malos Sneeks (Featuring Lil One)
11. More Bounce
Seldom Seen (Featuring Mr. Shadow)
12.. What You Know About Me
Mr. Knightowl (Featuring Seldom Seen, Hurricane Tazz)
13. We Ride
5th Sun



Reviews / Comments

"como siempre real gangster musica quiero comprar el disco pero no tengo tarjeta de credito mandar num. de cuenta si es posible"
Aug 10 2009,07:02 AM
by cristian plata