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Low Profile Brown Pride Riders, Vol. 4

Low Profile Brown Pride Riders, Vol. 4

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Product Code: LOWNSOFN1

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1.All Around tha World - 4:42 (Frost, Kid / Greedy Loco)All Around tha World -
2.Eastside Rendezvous - 3:42 (Fingazz / O.G. Playboy)Eastside Rendezvous
3.We Are West Coast Criminals - 3:42 (Sisco / West Coast Criminals) We Are West Coast Criminals -
4.The Way We Do It - 3:10 (Mr. Sancho / Spanish Fly)The Way We Do It
5.Throw Your Neighborhood Up - 3:39 (Mr. Sancho / T., Royal)Throw Your Neighborhood Up
6.We Gonna Ride - 3:41 (Mr. Sancho / Spanish Fly)We Gonna Ride
7.Califa Thugs (We Get This Doe) - 3:43 (O.G. Playboy / Califa Thugs) Califa Thugs (We Get This Doe)
8.Thuggish Chick - 3:37 (Lil Bandit / Bullet Nasty)Thuggish Chick
9.Home of the Ridahs - 3:35 (West Coast Criminals / Lil Bandit)Home of the Ridahs -
10.You Know It's On - 3:48 (Mr. Sancho / Silencer)You Know It's On
11.Recommend I Warn You - 3:50 (Lil One / Big Capone)Recommend I Warn You -
12.Acaba de Empezar - 3:45 (Mr. Sancho / Mr. Spanish Fly)Acaba de Empezar -
13.We Put It Down for tha West Coast - 3:26 (O.G. Playboy / Kid Frost) We Put It Down for tha West Coast - 1
4.You Can't See Me - 3:31 (Real) You Can't See Me
15.www.lowprofilerecords.com Mix - 2:25

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