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Chino Grande- Slow It Down

Chino Grande- Slow It Down

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Urban Kings Music Group Presents
Chino Grande
"Slow It Down"

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Featuring World Famous Lain Band 'Tierra" along with Ms Krazie,
Conejo, Wicked of Brownside, Fingazz, Eddie Came, the Componeros and many more!

Chino Grande the founder of Charlie Row Campo once again steps up for his next solo album. The first single “Take You There” is set to hit all urban radio markets. His music video is also on the editing room and will be out soon. Chino Grande as an artist has covered much ground. Appearing on NBC, The History Channel and various shows. Chino Grande has also been traveling performing in AZ, Washington, North Carolina, Chicago and just come back from his Japan Tour. Urban Kings The music along with the features are very radio friendly and production has been set to top quality music.
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1.My Neighborhood- Jasper, Skandle"Oso", Lil Minor
2. Im Yours- Troub Nasty, Big Dave, Fingazz
3. King Of The Block- Kilos, Baby Jokes
4. Take You There- Dave Salas, Ms.v
5. Entrapment
6. Gotta Get Next To You- Eddie Cane
7. Witch Craft - Conejo, Wicked From Brown Side
8. Maria's Got A Baby Featuring Mis V
9. Hood Devotion Fiesty 2 Guns, Mike Nezz
10. The Struggle Fiesty 2 Guns
11. You Feel In love with a gangster- Featuring Ms Krazie, Rigo Luna
12. Smoth Chicano Flavor- Featuring Tierra And Lil Minor
13. Champain At Midnight- Featuring Big Dave And Mis V
14. America
15. Slow It Down



Reviews / Comments

chino g sick album
"this album off the hook love the beats chino is a rapper that wont dissapointed you with his songs thanks for the autograph also listen to the little snippets on here and you decided for your self its really worth the money cant wait for the next album"
Nov 12 2010,04:33 AM
by Your Name
"Danm Them Beats Are Down As Fuk!!! The "Smoth Chicano Flavor" Rola Is Bumping!!!! Much Respetos To The Big Homie Chino Grande!!! And Urban Kings For Helping The Homie OUT!!!"
Aug 15 2009,09:51 AM
by Low
Slow it DoWn
"Lov3 toDo tu musica!"
Aug 13 2009,03:05 PM
by Flaka
"muy chingon el disco mr.chino grande como lo puedo comprar sin tener targeta de credito que num.de cuenta me pueden dar"
Aug 10 2009,06:14 AM
by Your Name