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Brown Pride Soldiers

Brown Pride Soldiers

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Product Code: 61

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Urban Kings Presents
"Brown Pride Soldiers"

Buy from manufacture direct and get it before every else does!
This new compilation gathers talents that have been creating a big following for them selfs. With plenty of un released songs on this compilation expect classic bangers. With Cuete Yeska who is constantly touring, Stomper which is an active rapper at all shows and internet hip hop forums , Ms Krazie which has been gathering a fan base and still growing, Chino Grande and Charlie Row Campo which has been busy dropping albums throughout out the year, Midget Loco with a big street buzz , Slush the Villian who has just got back in the studio after many years, Ese Lil Joker who has 4 classic albums under his belt, Payaso and The Dukes Click and many more. A guarantee seller with big names to add to all consumers.
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1.The New Connection- Slush Tha Villian,Miget Loco, Stomper
2. Colors- Lil Man, Di Featuring Mad Dog
3.brown pride soldier- Midget Loco
4. Still The Same-Travieso Payaso
5. It's Kind Of Sad- Chino Grande
6. 76 Bars-Stomper of Solder Ink
7.Gangster'd up- Ese Lil Joker
8. Brownsville- Bugsy,Capone, Conejo
9. Live and Die- Joker Of Lsd, Danger
10. Up To No Good- Ms Krazie, Midget Loco
11.For The Homies- Chino Grande
12.Whatch'em- Lil Sicko,trav
13.The Loco And The Loca - Ms. Krazie, Midget Loco
14.Evening News- Cuete Yeska, Sen Dog Of Cypress Hill
15.Living my life- Baby jokes,Travie,Chino,Midget
16. Sounds Of The Brown - Outtahand,Mr. Blue, Blunted One
17. Aint nothing changed- Sweepy G, Feat Kachy
18. My Mind Just Erupted- Conejo



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