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Product Code: MIDE1

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Urban Kings Presents
Midget Loco
"Dedicated To The Og's"

Premium Package
  • *includes 1- 11x17 poster
  • *includes Midget Loco autograph poster
  • Free Ringtone included with every cd
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New songs from your favorite artist.
Urban Kings presents Midget Loco for his second intensifying album dropping this summer Dedicated to the Ogs. Be ready to hear out of your stereo, Midget Loco, the veteran when it comes to life’s dead end. The same individual that brought us BloodLine has returned but with a new feel to the beat. Midget Loco is one of the few to still be around and reflect the real picture of what these juveniles are heading to, where not everyone gets to share the story but directed for the radio waves. Working with artist like Cecy B, and producer David Salas, Midget Loco comes to the scene with a new sound and deeper meaning to bring different individuals to the same lyric. Midget Loco is the unrivaled when it comes to thriving from the ground where it all started to bringing the foreshadowing the down hills that life throw at the urban individuals. Dedicated to the Ogs is bringing the generations of the urban community to a soothing beat but with his wisdom. He has recently worked with director Jeff Reyes and together they collaboration in Midget Loco’s newest music video Sunday High, which is featured in this album. The leak of trailer drove fans around to see who this artist that was been on the low but has now stepped up to bring his recognition to the ear drums. When the video was released fan demanded to hear more, on the release of the snips fans are lining up vowing to these album to their head phones. Migdet Locos’ past albums sent their rival competition back to storage and in this album we expect no less. Midget Loco keeps gathering more listeners through every grasps he takes.


  1. Thirteen Letter Ft. D.Salas *
  2. I Stay Down Ft. D.Salas *
  3. Aqui Estoy Midget Loco **
  4. Sunday High Ft.cecy B & D.Salas *
  5. Come Fu** With Me Ft. Big Dave & D.Salas *
  6. Dedicated To The Og's Ft. d.salas *
  7. Sucka Mc's **
  8. Would You Prefer? Ft. D.Salas *
  9. California Raised Ft. D.Salas *
  10. Born In The Struggle Ft. Lyrik *****
  11. Gangster Love Ft. Doll E Girl,cecy B,D.Salas *
  12. Banging In My House Shoes Ft. D.Salas *
  13. A G Like Me ***
  14. We Some Gangsters ****
  15. Ride Or Die Ft. D Real & X Man ****
    bonus track
  16. I Tryed Ft. Fiesty 2 Guns & Tripper



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