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Jasper Loco Of Charlie Row Campo - Eastside Assassin

Jasper Loco Of Charlie Row Campo - Eastside Assassin

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Product Code: JASV1

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Urban Kings Presents
Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo
"Eastside Assassin"

New songs from your favorite artist.
Charlie Row Campo lets Jasper come out taking the mic for his new solo album Eastside Assassin. Years after years Charlie Row Campo has not let there fans down, bringing exclusive beat and lyrics to street minds. Jasper Loco being one of main affiliates of the C.Row.Campo has moved a lot of weight making Charlie Row Campo “ The Legends” they are today. Jasper has recently gotten released from doing time in the system and all his fans ruining to hear his words to the beat. He has been on exclusive interviews and the fans have gone crazy about him taking his first solo album, Eastside Assassin.Why did he get locked up? Does he still got to be the lead? What’s his say on the game? The fan’s questions will all be answered in this anticipated album. You cant go wrong with this all brand new song by Charlie Row Campo along with Jasper


  1. Hustling featuring Big Wix Produced by Jose
  2. SOUTHERN CALI featuring Oso Vicious Produced by Bigg Bandit
  3. I Got Murder - Travi, Chino Grande, Midget Loco, Fiesty, Toro Loco Produced By Big Bounce
  4. West Coasting - Produced by Nick Steele
  5. Smoke Break featuring lyna Produced by Kila Kal
  6. CREEPING UP SLOW Featuring Baby Jokes, Big Wix Produced by Bigg Bandit
  7. Pistol Packing Featuring Chino Grande Produced by Big Bandit*
  9. TRUE TO THE BLUE Produced by Bigg Bandit
  10. SO HOW YOU MAKE THAT PAPER Featuring LR Produced by Bigg Bandit
  11. Cali Style- Featuring Alt, Kila Kal produced by Bigg Bandit
  12. THC Produced by david salas
  13. Chalk Lines - featuring Big Wix Produced by Flame
  14. Taken Chances Featuring Nesa Nes Produced by Bigg Bandit
  15. Real G's Featuring Big Wix Produced by Flame
  16. R.I.P Fat Boy Featuring Bigg Bandit, Big Wix Produced by BigG Bandit
  17. Outro
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