Content Creator



Old English brand would like to thank you for considering this position.

Background: Old English Brand is a streetwear company founded in 2013 in Santa Fe Springs, Los Angeles. We are a fast growing company and are always looking for people who are driving for more ideas and concept. The people we choose for the internship need to be ready take on responsibility within their department. We are a small group of highly motivated people and we do not accept lazy people or people with no motivation to better themselves and the company.


Position Summary:

  • Must be able to communicate
  • Must be able to make an organized plan
  • Must be able to explain the detail of their idea
  • Have full trust in their idea
  • Cannot be afraid of failure



  • Gain experience in working in groups.
  • Have an understanding in the position
  • If needed a recommendation will be provided. (Must complete the 12 weeks)
  • Opportunity to meet with Influencers and artists.
  • Gain better writing skills.


If you are still interested please contact us below.



Thank you,



Old English Brand Team