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Mr Vic - County of O

Mr Vic - County of O

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Product Code: 01KAHK513

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Before there was Myspace and other websites that now help you expose your music
all you had was the streets and mom and pops to help you spread your name and talent.
Mr. Vic manage to sell over 10,000 units nation wide. He had what it took \"Talent\" and \"Motivation\"
County of \"0\" The 1998 Demo.. Very Rare

1 How Could U Deal Featuring D-lyrical
2 Coming From Cosa Featuring Dre Rome and Dee
3 Iz It Really You
4 Yeah Mr. V.i Featuring Esmeralda
5 I've Been Ready
6 Comin From (714) Feat Baby Snyper
7 Rock Your Block
8 Armed Rovvery Featuring Casual Tee and Baby Snyper
9 Tha Girls Luv Me Featuring Cuasual Tee and Baby Snyper
10 The Hot Ones Featuring Baby Snyper
11 Keep From Going Unda Feat Baby Snyper
12 I Need a Joint Featuring Baby Snyper
13 Flow Featuring Baby Snyper and Cuasual Tee
14 El Poderoso ( All Powerfull)
15 Tha Life Featuring Baby Snyper
16 Guess Who's Back?
17 County of O Introducing Casual Tee

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