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D4myshit- Youngster Presents Best of

D4myshit- Youngster Presents Best of

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Product Code: D4MQW5BE13

Availbility: OUT OF STOCK


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1.I got your eyes on me
2. Summer Breeze
3. Eazy Ft Rocky Padilla
4. Recoqnize the name
5.Leva on my shoulder
6. The Gangster
7. Down 4 my shit Feat Lil Gangster and Bullet
8. Leavin' a mess Ft Baby Wicked
9. A story untold Ft Kozmo
10. Gangsters from the streets
11. I'm the one who knows Ft Payaso
12. L.A County gangsters Ft Mr. Chino
13. I'm Gone Pt 2. Ft China Doll, Lil Gangster& Bullet
14. L.A Knights Feat Wreck from Wicked Mindes and Mr Chino
15. Still Talking Shit
16. Snippets
17. Urban Hits Promo

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