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Product Code: HEAK441S4

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Two years after Heatwave enjoyed its last summit of the U.S. R&B charts with 1982's \"Lettin' It Loose,\" Epic released the band's second hits package. The swift set doesn't pack the punch of the earlier Power Cuts compilation, touching on the heavy-hitters, of course, but ignoring other songs that should have put in an appearance. Kicking off the set with \"Boogie Nights\" let Greatest Hits lead on a strong note. So, too, did saving Heatwave's other massive hit, \"The Groove Line,\" for an appearance halfway through the album, rounding that triumvirate out with 1980's \"Gangsters of the Groove.\" Adding the slow sleeper \"Always and Forever\" and the snappy dance/ballad crossover Top 50 hit \"Mind Blowing Decisions\" rounded out the band's penchant for funked-up disco frenzy, yet still allowed plenty of room for late-era songs \"Posin' 'Til Closin'\" and \"The Big Guns,\" plus a reprisal of the new wave synth-styled \"Lettin' It Loose.\" Despite missing some crucial cuts (\"Eyeballin'\" and \"Ain't No Half Steppin'), Greatest Hits is still a large enough slice of Heatwave's classic grooves to at least whet the appetite. Presented in absolutely no chronological order whatsoever, the album manages to keep a flow that will suffice for the casual fan.

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