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Ese Lil Joker- Never Lose Respect

Ese Lil Joker- Never Lose Respect

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Product Code: ESEA1

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Ese Lil Joker
" Never Lose Respect"

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Featuring Midget Loco, Huero Snipes, Cest From The West, Chino Grande And Many More


Ese Lil Joker third albums brings good promising sells and controversy. Just released after a 2 years term Ese Lil Joker buzz hits the street of just not his release but of his new album he just turn in to Urban Kings. Previous albums of this artist has sold steadily till date. Great production along with radio friendly songs makes this album a well balance perfect mix.
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1. Crazy Vato
Ese Lil Joker
2. Keep It Understood
Ese Lil Joker
3. Cali Music
Ese Lil Joker
4. It All Good
Ese Lil Joker
5. Gangster'd Up
Ese Lil Joker
6. Play On
Ese Lil Joker
7. Lets Get High
Ese Lil Joker
8. 805 Reasons
Ese Lil Joker
9. Metal Rain
Ese Lil Joker
10. never Lose Respect
Ese Lil Joker
11. Rock Non Stop
Ese Lil Joker
12. underground Status
Ese Lil Joker
13. old English
Ese Lil Joker


Reviews / Comments

"well i love the way u sing i am a big fan of ur and i think ur the best ur ding good and well good luck just keep making albems and well i going to keep buying them....p.s i love u..ur the best."
Oct 06 2009,04:47 AM
by Your Name