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Capone- Raza For Life

Capone- Raza For Life

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Product Code: CAPG1

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"Raza For Life"

Note: Only 15 out of 19 songs can be previewed!

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Featuring Ms Krazie, Chino Grande, Stomper, Midget Loco


Capone comes with his long awaited album “raza for life” . With over 10 years in the game capone has earned his name in the rap market. Pass albums from capone has sound scan highly and is still a great artist with a hug fan base. Marketing campaign has already started and the street buzz is bubbling. Raza for life features production from the top producers world wide and artist like ms krazie, chino grande, midget loco and many more. Prepare your stock with the year best artist capone raza for life!
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Song List And Music Coming Soon

1. I’m A Urbanking
2. Hard Living Featuring Stomper 
3. Raza For Life
4. I Got This
5. Ridelow
6. Mexican Hood Featuring Midget Loco
7. B.I.T.C.H
8. Riding With My Locs On
9. To The Top Featuring Chino Grande
10. Leaning
11. Ms Krazie Skit
12. Keep On Movin
13. I Stay Loyal Featuring Ms Krazie
|14. Inside My Rhyme Book
15. Slide Off Me
16. Am Still Hood
17. Still Bangin
Radio Edits
19. Loc On20. Keep On Moving 


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