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F & Q

Please use the following methods to contact URBAN KINGS,LLC:


Before emailing us please read below

1. Where and how far does youbuycds ship?

We Ship World Wide!

2. What if my package gets lost?

We Provide tracking number for all packages. This will assure there is no missing packages.  

3. Why haven't I received my package?

Before sending us package questions please follow this.

  1. Have you checked your email for your tracking number?
  2. Have you logged in and view your status? 
  3. how do you view your status? Login on > click on your account > click on order history.
  4. If status is shipped, click on view order and your tracking number should appear.
  5. If none of this answer your questions feel free to contact us. Please do not forget your order number

4. What is an order number?

With every order we provide your with an order number. You can also access your order number by login on click on your account, click on order history.

5.What if i dont have my order number or invoice receipt

You may retrive your order number by login on your account,  click on your account then click on order history. This section you will find any and all orders you have ever placed.

6. Is Sending an e-mail the only way to find info about my order?

We prefer you to call us about your package. Office hours are Monday Though Friday 9 am to 5 PM Pacific Time. Don't forget You will still need your order number. Contact is at 562-696.5222

7.(Money order/C.O.D) Were do I send C.O.D. to? 

Pleases Send money order/C.O.D. to

Urban Kings Corp.
Main Office The Psycho shop/Youbuycds.com
P.O Box 1381
Norwalk Ca

8. What other info do you need with my C.O.D.?

When paying with money order (C.O.D) you must include receipt invoice which is printable at time of purchase. Please read #5 if you dont have invoice receipt.

9. What does a receipt look like.

Click here for example

10. Does youbuycds wholesale?

Yes, we do,  click here for wholesale info.