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What does Youbuycds offer?

  • Youbuycds has helped over 100,000 Thousands independent releases get to the marketplace. We have been successful and will continue to help the independent artist to grow! Urban Kings Music Group's marketing and great work ethic we will continue to grow to bigger and better marketplaces. Below are some key points and hope any and all questions will be answered.


  • If you are an artist and want us to distribute your cd there are two different kind of distributing , National chain stores distribution and on line website distributing. On line website distributing via www.youbuycds.com we will ship your music around the world and your product can be stored in our warehouse until it is purchased by your fans. We will package and mail your products within 24 hours of purchase from our store. Our warehouse staff keeps track of your inventory and lets you know when we need more stock. For national distributing we will distribute your cds to all major chain stores and all online websites. We will keep track of all product shipped and pay you on a quarterly basis. For more information please direct to www.urbankingisnc.com


  • Artists' MP3 digital downloads are sold "on-site" from our online e-store to our viewers and customers.  Other music websites take you "off-site" by linking from their website that are "brokered" to a third party music sites, often causing confusion to the viewers and customers, and often resulting in customers not getting quality services and downloads, and artists never getting paid for their music.
  • Urban Kings Music Group distributes to all the major digital music services and many specialized ones including download stores, mobile services, kiosks, and promotional networks.
  • Urban Kings Music Group has state of the art high technology digital download services directly to our viewers and customers with ease of "user friendly" digital download processing. This process is guaranteeing high quality digital downloads for our viewers and customers, which eliminates confusion and guarantees payment to the Urban Kings Music Group, artists' for the musicians digital tracks purchased.
  • If you're interested in joining the Urban Kings family, please direct to www.urbankingisnc.com for more information.
  • So enjoy your "user friendly" versatility and state of the art technology by purchasing quality digital downloads and creating your own compilation CD's of your favorite Urban Kings's Artists tracks