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Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo - Street Street Scriptures

Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo - Street Street Scriptures

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Product Code: FIES1

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Urban Kings Presents
Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo
"Street Scriptures"

New songs from your favorite artist.
Urban Kings presents another highly anticipated release by Charlie Row Campo’s very own, Fiesty 2 Guns Street Scriptures. With a huge buzz on the street the fans have been waiting for this new release. Usually we let the track listing speak for itself, but this exceptional cd warrants some comments. This new release will  have everyone asking for more. All new songs that fans can’t wait to hear. Urban Kings is heavily marketing Street  Scriptures with internet viral videos and street urban marketing . With over a million views on YouTube, Urban  Kings is proud to present Fiesty 2 Guns Street Scriptures to give the public what they want. Always providing the  fans with the quality music they want to hear, Fiesty 2 Guns is always a top seller when it comes to the Rap  industry and this cd is no exception.


  1. Song List
  2. What I dream of ft. Mz.Vee
  3. Make the hood cry ft. Chino Grande
  4. Roughneck
  5. Seen some shit ft. Chino Grande,Sal Capone,Bigg Bandit
  6. Grind to Shine ft. Dave Salas,Chino Grande
  7. I'm A soldier ft. Mike nezz
  8. dont cry for me Ft. Blanca Nieves
  9. The Greatest ft. Silly Rabbit
  10. Forbidden Love Ft. Dave Salas
  11. Shattered Dreams (Og mix)
  12. Everybody Gonna See
  13. Awakening
  14. Confessions ft. Rigo Luna
  15. Crazy ft.Big Dave
  16. Bloody War Ft. Betty Boo,Eddie Kane
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