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Charlie Row Campo - California Boys

Charlie Row Campo - California Boys

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Product Code: CHAL55

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Urban Kings Presents - Charlie Row Campo
"California Boys"

Note: To make the cd even better, we have ask personal questions about certain songs
to Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco and Chino Grande. You can only find there
response inside the cd. Plenty to read, Chino Grande first written interview
is also included since his 3 year prison term. Lyrics of each song in
question is also found inside.

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New songs from your favorite artist.
The Urban Kings Music Group is proud to present The Charlie Row Campo’s next full studio album “California Boys”.Chino Grande, Jasper Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns and Baby Jokes are back with this brand new highly anticipated release. Packed with production from producer D.Salas, this album contains 16 songs that have made Charlie Row Campo’s fanbase as large as it is today. Continuing the success of the last Charlie Row Campo album, The Camponeros, Charlie Row is still growing in popularity, even with a considerably large fanbase. Fans and critics alike have been asking for this album since the release of The Camponeros, which had the single “Baby Love” that has received radioplay. Charlie Row Campo has went back to the ways of the first few albums, by only having very few features and mostly featuring the group, features like Syphon, Lil Gee, Stomper and chorus’s by Ceci B, D Salas, Nicki Diaz, Lady Ness, and Blanca Nieves. Fans have grown with Charlie Row Campo, from the groups many albums, to each artists solo projects, and now returning to align to form Charlie Row. Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Baby Jokes and Jasper Loco are back, popular, and better and ready to retake the world by storm, again.

1.Never -Fiesty 2 Guns,Jasper Loco,Baby Jokes,Lady Ness produced by Dave Salas
2.Times Have Changed - Jasper Loco,Baby Jokes,Fiesty 2 Guns produced by Dave Salas
3.Hometown - Fiesty 2 Guns,Jasper Loco,Stomper produced by Dave Salas
4.They Pimpin - Fiesty 2 Guns, Baby Jokes, Jasper Loco, Lady Ness produced by Dave Salas
5.Smoke Break - Jasper Loco produced by Dave Salas
6.This is Me - Lil Gee,Jasper Loco,Jayo,Syphon produced by Syphon
7.I Remember It All - Eddie Kane,Fiesty 2 Guns,Jasper Loco produced by C-Blunt
8.Rise - Fiesty 2 Guns,Baby Jokes,Jasper Loco,Ceci B produced by Dave Salas
9.On Our Team - Chino Grande,Nicki Diaz,Fiesty 2 Guns produced by Dave Salas
10.Brown Pride - Dave Salas,Baby Jokes,Jasper Loco,Fiesty 2 Guns produced by Dave Salas
11.She's The Best - Dave Salas,Baby Jokes,Jasper Loco,Syphon produced by Dave Salas.
12.Stop This Smoke For You - Dave Salas,Jasper Loco produced by Dave Salas
13.California Boy - Jasper Loco,Fiesty 2 Guns,Blanca Nieves produced by Dave Salas
14.Lets Get High - Jasper Loco,Bigg Bandit Produced by Bigg Bandit
15.A New Era - Baby Jokes,Jasper Loco,Fiesty 2 Guns,Syphon produced by C-Blunt
16.They Know Who We Are - Dave Salas,Jasper Loco,Baby Jokes,Fiesty 2 Guns produced by Dave Salas

C.R.C - Jasper Loco
Charlie Row Camponeros
C.R.C Fiesty 2 Guns



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