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Urban Kings a Division Of
CSH Partners, Corp.
Located in Los Angeles
Office 562.696.5222
Fax 562.696.7333

Jaime C Diaz Jr : President
Vanessa Delgado: Sales Rep
Johnny Cervin: Shipping Department
Joey Cervin: Stocking Room


We offer two types of distribution Psychical and Digital. By joining our distribution you can get your music, ringtones, videos and photos on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, Puretracks, FYE, Best Buy, Circuit City, Ritmo latino and many more stores. You will also be included in our exclusive network for online marketing to help drive sales. We specialize in serving both independent artists and indie labels by distributing their content as quickly as possible into the digital and Chain store marketplace. It’s simple, and fast. Contact us to get your products on worldwide and nation wide chain stores. Take your content to the next level contact us to Join URBAN KINGS MUSIC GROUP:

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