Ms Krazie is coming to 7 Elevens

Its official!!! Ms Krazie and Lil Rob have been chosen to be available at all 7 Elevens. Its easy,fast and convenient. The cd box will be right near the register. This will apply only to Southern California, we have just added the list of stores (click on the flyer below to view). 7 Eleven is planning to expand the Ms Krazie cds to other stores in 6 new territories. Click below to see if your Ms Krazie cds are available in your local 7 Eleven today. What are territories? For example: Houston is a territory, Las Vegas is a territory, etc. Ms Krazie will be expanding to all 7 Eleven  territories nationwide. Return to for all territory updates. We are first starting with the Southern California area. So please make sure to support Ms Krazie and Lil Rob and click the flyer to get your official store locations! We will be having an exclusive Urban Kings giveaway to those who purchase the Ms Krazie cds from any 7 Eleven location. Full video details on this exclusive giveaway coming on urbankings tv.

Preview OE Summer Season 2012, Password below

Summer In The OE Flyer

You are cordially invited to join OLD ENGLISH BRAND as we kick off the Summer and be the very first to see what new clothing items will be releasing this Season. This is a special opportunity to be the first to preview our new line, which features 8 brand new never  before seen tees. This will be a very unique unveiling of  Old English Brand Clothing, its easy signing up to the Old English Brand Mailing List!! Simply Click Flyer to join our exclusive guest list which will email you a secret password that will give you access to see all our new releases before the general public. That will enter you into our mailing list which will keep you updated first about upcoming T Shirt Designs, Special Promotional Offers, and much more!! The mailing list is a very VIP club that gets all information first. Remember that ONLY SUBSCRIBED MEMBERS will be the first to view the collection, so join today and see whats in store for Old English Brand before anyone else. To JOIN our OE BRAND emailing list via your phone. TEXT:OEBRAND TO 2288 to get started.


Old English Brand posted a video of us when we were going to throw away a couch we have had for a few years. Many different celebrities, artists, and actors have came into the Old English Brand offices and sat down on it. Including an awesome female artist we have collaborated with many times, Ms Krazie. Once she heard we were getting rid of our couch, she started her own #SaveTheCouch campaign for us to keep the couch. Here is one of the last pictures with the couch, will it stay…or will it go. We announce the decision soon…

Different Every Day Of The Week


Hustle Anywhere Everywhere Any Time

I Wanna Thank My Connect so I Always Thank Myself

We did a photoshoot last week with Ricky, who stopped by to buy some new Old English Brand shirts. He ended up buying The LA City Of Angels Where There Are No Angels T Shirt, The Hustle Hard T Shirt, and the First Off I Wanna Thank My Connect T Shirt. Once he made his purchase, we asked him if he would like to do a professional photoshoot with our Old English Brand Photographer. We took Ricky to various locations and chose the top three pictures wearing each shirt, and these are what we picked. All Shirts are available now, in stock, and in our Old English Brand Store under the STORE tab.



When I see that sign outside, sometimes I imagine it as a flag that we wave for those that pass by. Sometimes I wonder how many people see and and go to their phone to find the seed that is growing into a movement. I imagine that someday we will look back at this flag ship store and remember all the battles we had building this brand. This is our flag ship, this is the place we call home base, the place where all our visions go out into the world. Follow our hash tag on Instagram, #WearOldEnglish and spread the seed.

Old English Brand
Old English BrandOld English Brand Old English BrandOld English Brand Old English Brand

OE 1st Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

This year we would like to introduce our Old English Brand First Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. Their are only 3 RULES needed to enter and qualify your submission. This is the first time ever we are doing this and getting interactive to give away a One-Of-A-Kind “Scare Package”, that will include over $100 of Old English Brand gear. You may get shirts, you might get snapbacks, you could even get bandanas or shoes. The winner will be announced and we will get appropriate sizes. All you have to do is buy a pumpkin, carve it with a design relating to Old English Brand, and tag us on instagram. Simple and easy, so lets see your carving skills and we might even post the top ones on our blog! GhooOOooul LuuUUuuck!

Rule #1 – Buy A Pumpkin (Do NOT Steal A Pumpkin)

Rule #2 – Carve an Old English Brand Themed Pumpkin

Rule #3 – Tag Us

*Winner will be announced on Halloween Day, October 31st.

Instagram – @OldEnglishBrand